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Harden & Pinckney Is #1 For Serious Personal Injury In Downtown Washington D.C.

Our boutique law firm specializes in serious personal injury cases. We have been located in Downtown Washington, D.C., for over 20 years and our clients demand nothing short of excellence from us because we always aim to deliver above their expectations!

Commitment to you is where we begin and end each and every day. Nothing less.

Our serious personal injury attorneys are professional and we push the boundaries, ensuring that no stone goes unturned and that all options are explored.

We Don’t Do It All, Because We Aim To Focus On What Matters.​

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Our Values

With more than twenty years of experience

With more than twenty years of trial experience, the taste of victory still grows sweeter and our drive towards excellence stronger.

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Excellent Representation

At Harden & Pinckney, our firm provides quality service, sit down with us today and let’s work together towards how we can best represent you.


Great reputation

Our attorneys use their years of experience of handling cases like yours to help you get the compensation you deserve.


Effective Communication

Using effective communication throughout every step of the process – Whether through phone calls, emails, or office visits we look to understand our clients during difficult times.

"Outstanding professionalism and dedicated to proving justice when the system is not on our side."

LaTanya Manning

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